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How do I equalize my batteries using a C-series SCC?

 Equalizing the Batteries Using a C-series

The C-Series offers either manual or automatic triggering of the equalization charging process. Equalization charging is the deliberate process of charging a battery (or battery bank) at a high voltage for a set period of time to remix the electrolyte and destratify the internal plates. Equalize charging helps to remove sulfate buildup on the battery plates and balances the charge of individual cells.

Equalization charging holds the voltage above the BULK setting for 2 hours by 1 volt for 12-volt systems, 2 volts for 24-volt systems, and 4 volts for 48-volt systems.


The C-Series is set to manual triggering by default from the factory. In order to manually trigger an equalization charge, press and hold the reset button on the right side of the controller until the LED starts alternating red and green.


Automatic equalization is enabled by moving the jumper located on the right side of the circuit board above the reset switch to the appropriate AUTO pin set.
When AUTO is enabled in the Charge Control mode, the unit will perform an equalization charge every 30 days.


If the C-Series has the equalization jumper across the AUTO pin set, equalization may be manually entered at any time by pressing and holding the reset button until the LED starts alternating red and green. Equalization may be stopped at any time by holding the reset button until the red light drops out of the alternating sequence.


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