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What is the General recommendations for Generators in XW system?

 General recommendations for generators in XW system

The general recommendations when choosing a generator are:

1) 120/240VAC pure sinewave output (120/208VAC will not work)
2) Unbonded neutral
3) Rated for twice the power of the inverter system
4) Preferably two-wire start if used with AGS

This is because:

1) Inverter will only qualify 120/240VAC generators (L1/L2 180 degrees out-of-phase)
2) Residential systems already bond neutral in Main Service Panel, a second bond in generator will result in dual bond (NEC violation)
3) Takes into account the battery charger plus the loads
4) 2-wire start scenario means the control circuitry is built into the generator, easier to set up for non technical individuals
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