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Why won't the XW inverter qualify generator

 XW inverter charger will not qualify AC generator. AC IN light blinks
AC input qualification, overloading the generator, unable to sustain battery charging and and running loads (multi-tasking)
1) Ensure generator is split phase 120/240, not 120 monophase or 120/208V. Voltage from (L1 to N) and (N to L2) should add up exactly to (L1 to L2) voltage
3) Recommended, size your generator 2 times the rating of the XW system (this is to obtain max charge rate and power rated load).
2) Ensure no redundant neutral to ground bond in Generator (bond accomplished in main service panel for residential)
3) Connect gen output to AC2, not AC1 and open up AC2 parameters in XW advanced settings - ac settings menu
4) Reduce max charge rate in XW
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