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Is it possible to get 115V / 230V 50Hz out of an European XW+ inverter?

 Splitting the European XW+ inverters output

The European XW-series output supplies 230VAC-50Hz., however, countries like Barbados and Jamaica use 115V/230VAC-50Hz. In this case, they need to use the North American XW-series and perform frequency adjustment (60Hz to 50Hz) using the Conext Config AI. In cases where the customer has a European XW+ and they cannot exchange it for a North American model,  the customer is going to require a "1:1" transformer with center tap on the output. When using such a transformer, there are two aspects that are important, the KVA rating and the frequency rating.

In this case you want a transformer that can handle the same or more KVAs as the inverter(load) and have a frequency rating of 50Hz, or power derating must be considered :

A transformer designed specifically for 240V at 60 Hz must not be driven with more than 240×50/60 = 200V at 50 Hz. Obviously, 50/60Hz-rated transformers are designed for operation at 50 Hz and draw less excitation current at 60 Hz.
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