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What are the steps to connect the ComBox to my XW/SW system?

 ComBox Initial Setup

1) Make sure that the unit has nothing connected to it.
2) Press and hold the reset button while connecting the DC power to the unit.
3) Once the Combox LEDs flash quickly release the reset Button.
     *** Caution: Holding the reset for longer than the time it takes for the LEDs to flash quickly will enter the ComBox into firmware upgrade mode, which will wipe the units internal memory forcing a new firmware upgrade.***
5) Once the power LED goes solid, meaning ComBox has booted, connect the Ethernet cable to the unit.
6) After 10 to 15 seconds, connect a thumb drive to the unit and wait for the memory LED of the ComBox to flash 5 times. Once it has, disconnect the Thumb drive and connect it to a PC or Mac. 

7) Open the ComBox file on the Thumb drive, it will be label the same as the units serial number. 

8) Click on the Connect button and unit should be online.

9) Username = admin   Password = password
10) Once you have successfully connected to the ComBox connect the Xanbus network to the unit and all devices will show on the home page of the ComBox. 

(Actual image mat differ depending on devices connected to the Xanbus Network)
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