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For Powerpact H, J and L breakers, which cable is required to connect the Neutral CT to the Micrologic trip unit - ENCT Wire Harness, or NCTWIRING?

When a Powerpact H, J or L circuit breaker is used to provide Ground Fault protection (LSIG), when a Neutral CT is used, which is the correct wire harness kit to connect it to the Micrologic Trip Unit?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to Powerpact H, J and L circuit breakers using Micrologic 6.2A, 6.2E, 6.3A or 6.3E Trip Units, in situations that require the use of a Neutral CT to provide Ground Fault protection.

The published literature shows two different wire harnesses, NCTWIRING and ENCT Wire Harness, for connecting a Neutral CT to a Micrologic Trip Unit, making it difficult to know which is correct.

The ENCT Wire Harness, catalog number S434302, is the correct wire harness kit to use for Powerpact H, J and L circuit breakers. (The NCTWIRING wire harness kit is used with Powerpact P, R, and Masterpact NT and NW breakers.)

The ENCT Wire Harness is actually a shielded cable , used to minimize the effect of stray magnetic fields on the Ground Fault reading.
This wire harness is available as a separate part (kit number S434302), or as it can be included as factory installed on the circuit breaker (suffix YH2).

(NOTE: The white wire marked ENVT is NOT used to connect a neutral CT. For information on the ENVT wire, see FA233199.)
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