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What is the mounting height for Square D I-Line circuit breakers and sub-feed lug kits?

What is the mounting height (in inches) for the FY, FA, FH, SL-100, FI, HDA, HGA, HJA, HLA, QBA, QDA, QGA, QJA, JDA, JGA, JJA, JLA, LDA LGA LJA LLA LRA KI, SL250, LA, LH, SL400, LC, LI, LXI, MGA, MJA, MA, MH, SL800, PGA, PJA, PLA, RGA, RJA, AND RLA in an I-LINE panel?

Product Line:
I-LINE Breakers

Environment :
Products sold and used in the United States

Selecting breakers for a ILINE panel.

See table below for mounting height for various breakers:
Frame  Poles (in)
FD, FG, FJ 1 1.5
FY, FA, FH, BD, BG, BJ, BK 1
FA, FH, BD, BG, BJ 2 3
FD, FG, FJ (no accessories) 2, 3
HD, HG 2
QB, QD, QG, QJ, Q2 2
FA, FH, SL100, BD, BG, BJ 3 4.5
FC, FI 2, 3
FD, FG, FJ (with accessories) 2, 3
HD, HG 3
HJ, HL, HR, QO Distribution Panels (HQO part numbers) 2, 3
QB, QD, QG, QJ, Q2 3
JD, JG, JJ, JL, JR, KA, KH, KC, KI, IK, SL250 2, 3 4.5
LA, LH, Q4, SL400, Smart Cell (ICW part numbers) 6
LC, LI, LX, LXI, LE 7.5
MG, MJ, MA, MH, MX, ME 9
SL800, SL800M5, SL1200P5, SL1200P6, SL1200P7, S33931
IL 12
RG, RJ, RL, RGC, RJC, RLC, S33930, NA, NC, NX, NE 15

From page 9-34 in Section 9, Digest 177

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