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What are the catalog numbers and purpose for wire harnesses for Powerpact H, J, and L frame circuit breakers?

What is the purpose of optional wiring harnesses in the Powerpact H Frame, J Frame and L Frame breakers in both Unit Mount and ILINE applications, and what are the catalog numbers? 

Product Line:
Powerpact H Frame, Powerpact J Frame, and Powerpact L Frame

Products sold in North America

 Need to wire an electrical accessory in an H, J, or L frame breaker and have the control wires come ou the side of the breaker.

The wiring harnesses for the H, J and L Frame breakers allows the accessory wiring to exit the circuit breaker through wiring channels in the side of the circuit breakers. This feature is especially important in ILINE application because ILINE busing restricts the control wire from come out the top of the breaker.  I-Line wire harness included for communication network accessories.  Wire harnesses may also be used for unit-mount applications.

 Kit No.
 ZSI Wire Harness, H/J Frame
 ZSI Wire Harness, L-Frame
 ENCT Wire Harness
 OF Wire Harness
 SD/SDE Wire Harness
 SDx/SDTAM Wire Harness
 MN Wire Harness
 MX Wire Harness
 Motor Operator Wire Harness
 Communicating Motor Operator Wire Harness
 NSX Wire Harness
 ENCT and ZSI Wire Harnesses
 24 Vdc Power Supply Wire Harness
2 YH1 = all installed accessories but ZSI and ENCT
  YH2 = ENCT and all installed accessories
  YH3 = ZSI and all installed accessories
  YH4 = ZSI, ENCT and all installed accessories
3 I-Line wire harness included for communication network accessories.
  Optional wire harness for unit mount requires YH1 suffix.

Note:  As indicated in the product selector, the wire harness is automatically included with communication accessories without YH1 suffix.
Wire harness must be selected for other electrical accessories.

See instruction bulletin, S1A80378
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