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Backup - What appliances do most people power during an outage?

What appliances do most people power during an outage?

In residential settings, refrigeration, gas- or oil-fueled heating systems, and lighting are most common. Electronic appliances such as computers, home entertainment components, and security systems don't consume much electricity and can easily be added to a home's backup subpanel. If you use pumps to supply water, keep a basement dry or pet fish alive, include these items in your backup power plans. Many gas appliances require only a small amount of electricity and should be included on the sub-panel. Comfort and convenience appliances such as fans, coffee makers, microwave ovens and garage door openers are other items your may want to use during an outage.

In an office setting, computers, printers, modems, fax machines and telephone systems are the most common equipment to run along with lighting. It makes sense to include whatever you need to keep your business functioning efficiently. Just remember that the more things you power, the bigger your system will need to be.
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