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Bluetooth Wireless Installation for RS-232 to USB GT Monitoring


The following is for informational purposes only. Schneider Electric does not specifically endorse nor exclude any 3rd party manufacturer. Many of our customers are looking for ways to monitor their Conext / GT inverter wirelessly.


Conext GT and GT 1-phase Inverters only


Some of our customers have found bluetooth devices by the following company to be suitable


1. To install your AirCable Bluetooth RS-232 to USB adapter, first connect the AirCable Serial to the GT inverter's RS-232 port. Now connect the supplied AC power cord from the power plug to the AirCable Serial device. 

2. Now, connect the AirCable USB device to your computer. The blue light on the AirCable USB will begin to flash, then will come on solid. After a few seconds, the The Hardware Wizard will automatically open. The wizard will ask if you want Windows to connect to Windows Update to search for software. Click 'Yes, this time only'. 

3. The wizard will tell you to insert the driver disk (it is provided with the hardware). Insert the driver CD. Wait for the wizard to recognize the disk and install the drivers. 

4. If the wizard tells you that the software has not passed the "Windows Logo Test", ignore it and click 'Continue Anyway'. 

5. Finsh Installation.

Now, go to your Windows Start menu and click 'Control Panel'.


Click on 'Ports' to expand the dropdown menu and take note of which COM port is labeled 'AirCable'.


1. Now, download the Conext or GT view software from the Schneider Electric Solar website at

For Conext :

For GT :

2. Once downloaded, click 'Open', then double click the 'SETUP' icon (the one that looks like a window).

3. Your security settings may tell you that the publisher cannot be verified and ask you if you wish to proceed with the installation. Click 'Run'.

4. The Installation Wizard will open and display the Schneider Electric or Xantrex logo and copyright information. Click 'Next'.

5. The next screen will read "Welcome to Conext or GT View setup...' Click 'Next'. 

6. Accept the terms and conditions. Click 'Yes'.

7. It will ask you where you would like to store the files. Leave the default file path, or type in you preference and click 'Next'.

8. It will ask you which folder you would like the icons to be save in. Leave it at the default or enter your preference and click 'Next'.

9. Click 'Next' again to begin copying the files.

10. The installation Wizard will tell you when it has finished. Click the 'Finish' button.

11. Now you can go to the folder where the GT View software was saved
(default is C:\Program Files\Xantrex\GT-View. Double click the blue and gray 'X' icon labeled GT View to open the GT View window.

12. Right-click anywhere on the GT View window and click Settings. Under the System Options section, select the COM port which was labeled as AirCable, then click 'OK'.

13. After a few seconds, the GT View window should begin displaying your system information.


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