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Using an SCPII with XW Charge Controller - Network Power

Unfortunately, the XW Charge Controllers do not supply the necessary power to the Xanbus network to power any peripheral devices such as an XW-System Control Panel and/or XW-Auto Generator Start module.

The XW Inverter is typically relied on to provide the required power to the Xanbus network.

That said, if you are inclined, there are alternative ways to power the network if you are not installing an XW Inverter into the system.

1) Use an off-the-shelf AC-DC adapter (wallwart) with a 15Vdc/200mAdc output rating, and replace the dc plug connector with a RJ45 terminal. Connect pins 1,2 or 7 on the RJ45 to positive; pins 3, 6, or 8 to negative.

2) Cut the end off a standard Cat5 cable and connect the wire(s) leading to pins 1, 2 or 7 to the charge controller's AUX+ terminal and pins 3, 6, or 8 to the AUX- terminal. Configure the Aux so it provides continuous output to the SCP (Refer to Page 2-18 of the Charge Controller manual for information on Xanbus cable and RJ45 Connector Pin numbers. Also, please note that the AUX+ and AUX- are incorrectly labeled on the charge controller -- their polarity is reversed from that shown on the label. This is being corrected in future production runs and a manual addendum is being written!)




In both cases, a terminating resistor is needed in order to maintain a reliable Xanbus network. Connect a 120 ohm resistor across pins 4 and 5. This resistor is generally available from any location that sells electronic components, including, but not limited to Radio Shack.

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