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XW Xanbus Network Limits and Troubleshooting

Many customers have run into communications problems when wiring multiple XW Xanbus devices into a network.  Generally these issues can be corrected by a few simple steps, detailed here.


One of the more common occurrences is devices which are wired to the Xanbus network but do not show up on the System Control Panel.  This is generally due to miswired Xanbus communications cables or missing network terminators.  We have seen some larger systems, especially with multiple MPPT60 charge controllers, where the wiring and terminators are correct, but one or more MPPT60's do not display on the SCP.  Restoring the MPPT60 settings to default has been know to correct this in many cases.  If the system has three or more charge controllers, it may be necessary to remove one network terminator in order to boost the signal strength on the Xanbus network.  Also, changing the order of the devices so that the SCP is located centrally in the device chain has also worked in some cases.





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