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GT 100/250 Three-Phase PV Wakeup and Peak Power Tracker settings

When commissioning a GT Three-Phase system, the installer may find it necessary, based on their array, to enter the WRITE menu and adjust the default values for PV Wakeup Voltage and Peak Power Tracker Reference Voltage to allow their system to come online.

The default value for PV Wakeup Voltage is 440VDC. If their array is operating below this voltage, the unit will not come online when powered up.

The default Peak Power Tracker Reference Voltage is 400VDC. This will also likely need to be adjusted if the PV operating voltage is in the lower end of the Power Point Tracking window.

Important: Specific grid-interface parameters within the WRITE Menu have been set in the factory to the limits mandated by UL1741. Any changes to these setpoints should be agreed upon by the local utility and the equipment owner.

Important: WRITE parameters can be viewed, however, require a password to change and should only be done so by authorized personnel.

To enter the WRITE menu and change parameters:

1. From the standard display or anywhere in the READ Menu, you may access the WRITE menu parameters by pressing the key.

2. Once within the Write Menu, the first item is the ?Set Goal State?. Use the /\ or \/ key on the operator interface keypad to scroll through the WRITE Menu parameters.

a) To change the displayed parameter, press the button.

b) This will ask for a password.

c) Enter the password <5><9><4> and press the button.
? If the wrong password is entered, the display will again prompt the
user for the password.
? If a mistake is made while keying in the password, the /\ or \/ keys
may be used as a backspace key.

d) Enter the desired value and press . If the value entered is outside the acceptable range for the parameter, the original value will remain.

e) To leave the WRITE Menu and return to the READ Menu, press the
button once and the standard display will reappear on the VFD.

Important: While in the WRITE Menu, the operator interface display will reset itself to the standard display if there is no input for more than 2 minutes.
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