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Monitoring a C-Series Controller

The C-Series Controller, which includes the C35, C40, and C60, can be monitored by either the CM which will take the place of the front cover and provides an LCD display. If this same display is required remotely, the CM/R allows remote monitoring via a 6 conductor wire. Please see this link for additional information about the CM and CM/R.


The 6-conductor line from the controller to the digital display has 3 pairs of conductors. The center conductors transmit the values for voltage and current. Though it is serial data, it is not digital and the stream is not any recognized communication protocol. The transmission is merely alternating between an analog voltage reading and an analog current reading. There is a crystal in both the controller and display that allows encoding and decoding via a ring counter. The Analog to Digital converter is actually in the display. The other pairs of conductors are transmitting power and LED function respectively. Again, all analog.


The C-Series was never intended to be connected to a computer.


If remote PC monitoring or datalogging of a solar charge controller is required, please look at the XW-MPPT-60 controller and the Gateway.

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