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Xanbus RJ45 Pinouts

Customers developing custom Xanbus monitoring applications will often ask for the Xanbus pinouts in addition to the Xanbus PGN files.


Xanbus network cables use an RJ45 connector wired to T568A Standard.  Below are the pinouts for both Cat5 and Cat5e cables (note that the wire colors are different depending on which cable is used).


Pin Number   Conductor Name  Cat5 Wire Color      Cat5e Wire Color


1                   NET_S               WHITE/GREEN      WHITE/ORANGE

2                   NET_S               GREEN                 ORANGE

3                   NET_C               WHITE/ORANGE   WHITE/GREEN

4                   CAN_L               BLUE                    BLUE

5                   CAN_H               WHITE/BLUE        WHITE/BLUE

6                   NET_C                RANGE                GREEN

7                   NET_S                WHITE/BROWN    WHITE/BROWN

8                   NET_C                BROWN               BROWN


The pins with names NET_S are DC Supply +15VDC (200mA must be provided for each Xanbus device on the network).  The NET_C are DC Common.  The CAN_L is CANBUS Data Low and the CAN_H is CANBUS Data High.

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