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Gateway Support for Mac

Xantrex does not officially support or make any claim as to the validity of the information contained herein. These notes were generated by a Xantrex customer who has successfully set up Gateway communications on a Mac computer and Apple Airport wireless router. There are also notes pertaining to the Firefox and Safari web browsers commonly used on Mac computers as they relate to the Xantrex Widget and the Gateway configuration page. This information is provided for reference only.




Finding the Gateway IP Address Manually using Apple Airport Extreme



After installing the Xantrex Gateway and connecting it via Ethernet

cable to my Apple Airport Extreme base station, the Xantrex Solar Monitor

widget was not able to auto-discover the Gateway.  

Also the utility xantrex_gateway_discovery_mac Version 155-0015-01-01_Rev-A(Release) 

did not discover the Gateway.


This is a procedure to find the Gateway IP address manually.


1) Open Airport Utility

2) Select your Airport device > Manual Setup (enter password)

3) Go to: Advanced > Logging & SNMP > Logs and Statistics > DHCP Clients 

   IMPORTANT: you must have wireless mode enabled, even if you are

   only using wired connections to your Airport Extreme. Otherwise

   the "DHCP Clients" tab does not appear under Logs and Statistics.

4) To determine which of the clients is the Xantrex Gateway,

   try each of the displayed IP addresses as a URL in your browser.  

   In my case was the IP of the Gateway, so entering in Safari made a connection to the Gateway 

   and opened the Xantrex Gateway login page.


By the way, once you reserve an IP address for the Xantrex Gateway (see below),

the Gateway may no longer appear in the list of DHCP clients.



Communicating with the Gateway -- Safari vs. Firefox



I had to work between Safari and Firefox to get full functionality.


I was not able to load Gateway firmware using Safari Version 3.1.2 (4525.22).

Instead I used this version of Firefox to load Gateway firmware.

   Version: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10.4; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008070206 Firefox/3.0.1


Firefox, however, did not properly display the installed firmware version information

which should appear under the "Upgrade Device" section of the Gateway Configuration page.

Safari, on the other hand, was able to display that information.



Password characterset limitations



The Xantrex Gateway Installation Guide recommends that you set a secure

password. I tried one that contained an underscore and had problems.

It's been awhile, but if I recall correctly, I could not 

authenticate via the web interface and had to reset the Gateway to 

reset the password.



Gateway fails to send "Harvest" email messages



I entered addresses for daily harvest and other reports under Mail Configuration,

but no email messages were being received from my Xantrex Gateway.


It turned out the problem was that under Network Configuration I had

"Get Address Dynamically" selected. This resulted in the Gateway setting

the local address of my Airport ( in the "Name Server Address"

field. Although on my Mac the Airport address somehow sufficed

as a name server, it was not viable for the Xantrex Gateway.


The solution was to:

1) Reserve an IP address for the Gateway in the Airport Extreme settings.


Airport Utility > Airport Extreme > Internet > DHCP > DHCP Reservations > Add

Reserve address by MAC address

[I reserved which was the IPv4 address the Airport Extreme automatically

assigned originally.]


2) In the Gateway Network Configuration clear the Get Address Dynamically checkbox.

3) Enter the reserved IP address ( in the the Xantrex Gateway Address field.

4) Enter the IP address of an external DNS server in the Name Server Address field.

I used which was one of the DNS servers the Airport Extreme obtained from

my ISP and which was shown in Airport Utility under Internet > Internet Connection.

5) Click: Save and Apply.



These notes pertain to the following hardware and software versions



Mac OS X Version 10.4.11

Airport Extreme Base Station N, purchased Aug 2008

Base Station software version 7.3.2

Airport Utility Version 5.3.1 (531.9)


Xantrex Gateway

Gateway Firmware: 01.04.00 BN0001

Gateway Bootload: 01.02.00 BN0001

Network Firmware: 01.05.00 BN0000 US

Web Page Version: 01.04.00 BN0001







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