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Grid Support Settings for Sell.

Customer is looking to enable selling on their Conext series inverter

Product Line:
Conext series inverters (XW+, XW, SW)

Conext System Control Panel, ComBox, or Configuration Tool

Recommended settings for grid support for sell may not be clear in the manual

There are two ways you can set your Grid Support Volts for selling if using a Conext series inverter/charger and an MPPT charge controller.

 To trigger grid support and sell, the Conext series inverter will use the LOWER of the following two voltage settings:
- Charge controller voltage settings for bulk/abs/float (depending on what stage it is currently in)
- OR the grid support volts setting on inverter.

If you want to sell only the energy that the batteries no longer accept, while maintaining a fully charged battery, and assuming you have recent firmware in your inverter/charger (later than September 2008), you need to set grid support volts >1V higher than the charge controller bulk voltage. We generally recommend setting it to 64V in this case. See attached waveforms.

To set the grid support volts, enter the Advanced Settings menu of your inverter, then go to the Grid Support menu. If the Advanced Settings menu does not appear on your SCP, you may have to highlight "Meters," then press ENTER+UP+DOWN at the same time to unlock it.

A high value for grid support volts will ensure the inverter always uses charge controller voltage for bulk/abs/float as "grid support volts," allowing the grid support volts to track the voltage profile for a complete battery charge cycle. In doing so, the inverter only uses what is not accepted by the battery to sell to local loads and the grid, thereby maximizing use of the array.
The batteries will still be charged to the charge controller bulk/abs/float, not to the grid support volts. If you have a dated firmware revision, this function will not be available. You will need to perform a firmware upgrade. Contact Technical Support for details.

In some applications, or when using a non-Schneider charge controller, you might simply want to sell all that you have harvested. In that case, set the grid support volts lower than the charge controller bulk/abs/float value (generally about 0.5-1V below float.) In that case, the inverter will regulate the battery voltage to that level.

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