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Parallel XW inverter chargers not selling evenly.

In sell-mode the paralleled XW don't have any communication for power sharing, and both will independently try to ?regulate? the battery voltage. The function is described as follows:


1.)    Battery Voltage < Grid Support Voltage setting-1.2V exits sell mode


2.)    Battery Voltage = Grid Support Voltage setting-0.9V re-enter sell mode


3.)    XW regulates the voltage at Grid Support Voltage-1V

Though you do want to ensure that sell mode and grid support mode are enabled on both inverters, it is completely normal for one inverter to sell all available power and the other(s) to remain in AC passthrough. The one thing to look for as a sign of a problem is if the battery voltage rises above the Grid Support Voltage setting and one inverter is still in AC passthrough.

Optionally, you may limit the Max Sell Amps on both XWs evenly in a way that the sum of Max Sell Amps to be equal to the maximum potential energy from the solar array. This will allow one XW to only sell half of what is available. The battery voltage will continue to climb and cause the other unit to sell as well.

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