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Loading Gateway Web Page firmware - Lantronix Device Installer

If you are unable to load your Gateway Configuration Page after performing a Gateway firmware upgrade, i.e. you open the configuration page and it either will not load (even though communications have been established with the widget) or partially loads, but will not allow configuration, it may be necessary to reload the Gateway Wiport with the web page firmware.

Since, in these cases, the Configuration Page will not load, it is impossible to use the Gateway's Upgrade Firmware tab to load the new firmware.  You must either use the XW Upgrade dongle (if available), or use Lantronix Device Installer to reload the firmware.  This procedure describes how to load firmware with the Lantronix Device Installer.

 1. Go to the Lantronix web site and download the Lantronix Device Installer, available at the following link:

 Select 'Run' when prompted and follow the install process to load the program onto your PC.

 2. Save the zip file attached to this message onto your PC.  Take note of the location where you save the file.

 3. Go to the saved zip file on your PC, right-click the file, and select "Extract All" to unzip the file into a new folder.  Note the location of this folder on your PC.

 4. Verify PC communications have been established with the Gateway using the Xantrex Monitoring Widget.

 5. Note the IP address of the network you are using to connect to the Gateway.  You can check the IP by going to your PC's Start menu, selecting "Control Panel, and double-clicking the "Network Connections" icon.

 You will see a list of your PC's network connections.  Most people will be using their Local Area Network connection to the Gateway directly, or via a router.  You may also be using Local Area Network Connection 2 if you have a VPN connection to a remote Gateway, or your Wireless Network if you are running your Gateway in Wireless mode.

 Click on the network you are using to connect to your Gateway.  This will highlight the network icon.

 In the bottom-left corner of the Network Connections window, you will now see a "Details" block where you can view the IP address for the selected network connection.  Note this IP address.

 6. From your Start>All Programs menu, open the Lantronix tab and launch the Lantronix Device Installer program. Note: if you receive a "Network Configuration" warning when launching the program, click on "No" to proceed.

 7. From the Device Installer window, click on "Tools", then "Options".  Select the network you are using to connect to your Gateway (you can verify the proper network by matching the displayed IP address to the IP address you noted in step 5).  Click "Apply" or "Ok".

 On the left side of the Device Installer page, you will see the network you have selected.  There should be a subfolder labeled "Wireless" displayed under the network.  Click on the + symbol to expand the "Wireless" tab.

 You should now see a "WiPort b/g" tab with another + symbol.  Click the + to expand this tab.

 You will see a new IP address.  This is the IP address of the Lantronix WiPort module in your Gateway.  Click on this IP address.

 Next, click on "Device" in the menu bar, then click "Upgrade".

 Click on "Use a specific installation file..."

Click on "Browse"

 Select the location of the unzipped folder from step 3.

 Click on the file labeled "150-0198-01-06".

 Click "Open", then click "Next".  Wait for the upgrade progress bars for all four steps to complete and display "Succeeded".

 Click "Close".  Close the Lantronix Device Installer.

 8. Attempt to open the Gateway Configuration page by opening an Internet window and entering the Gateway's IP address into the browser bar, or by opening the Widget, clicking on "Details", and clicking on "Gateway".

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