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Using a double delta configured generator on split-phase XW series inverters

Some three-phase generators have two sets of independent output windings per phase which can be reconfigured in several different ways. These types of generators are sometimes referred to as '12-wire' generators as there are 6 windings/coils with 2 wires each.

The wiring on these types of generators can be configured in a method known as 'double-delta', which will provide single/split-phase phase power, with each leg 180 degrees out of phase. This should work with split-phase XW series inverters. A sample phasor diagram of a 12-wire generator in double delta is shown below. Please refer to the generator manufacturer for detailed documentation for a specific generator.

Note that 3-phase generators which only have one set of windings (sometimes called 4 or 6 wire generators) cannot be configured in this manner and cannot work with a split-phase XW inverter system. 

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