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GT CONFIG LITE Tech Instructions

 AC Voltage Fault will occur when the grid voltage varies outside of the inverter's anti-islanding range. This is usually more common when 2 or more inverters share the same lines or if there is heavy loading on the grid.




The Anti-Islanding settings can be re-configured. You will require the permission of the utility company before you open the anti islanding settings of the inverter.




Please see attached Software and User Guides




You will also need a Serial/USB cable and the dedicated driver it came with. Follow the instructions to get the cable working. Please see attached "GT RS232-USB Comm Info" as a good example.




Please review the GT Config Lite User's Guide for detailed info.




Here are the key points.


1. Install software / password is : xanadu (lower case)


2. VERIFY that you have POWER-OFF the GT


3. Connect the Serial/USB cable from the GT to your PC and also PUSH ONCE on the "PIC Enable Switch"


4. Now, POWER-ON the GT : Inverter will flash "EXT SHUTDOWN"


6. From here on, Refer to the GT Config Lite User's Guide, page 7-10 for image illustration


5. When changing a parameter, double click the desired cell in the ?WRITE? column and make the change


6. Click ?PROGRAM? to update and verify the change in the ?READ? column


7a. For UL-01, 864-0XXX inverters, you will be changing the High Threshold Phase to Phase and the Reconnect Voltage


7b. For UL-05, 864-1XXX inverters, you will be changing the High Threshold Phase to Neutral and the Reconnect Voltage


8. Now, VERIFY that you have POWER-OFF the GT , followed by release the "PIC Enable Switch" and remove your cable


9. Finally, POWER-ON the inverter


10. Check operation status



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