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Gateway Baud Rate Solution

Wrong gateway baud rate setting will cause slow response on the SCP (System Control Panel).  You will observe erratic character display on the SCP.

 Please set the baud rate to 250kbs in order to operate correctly.


1.       You should have already connected the gateway to your Xanbus network. The gateway should be hardwired via a router to your computer. 
2.       Disable the Anti-Virus Program temporarily. 
3.        Now, run the Gateway Discovery Tool that is shipped in the box with the gateway. 
4.       Quickly record the IP address that will appear in a DOS window. (Run the software again if you missed the first opportunity) 
5.       Next, open Internet Explorer and manually type in the IP address in the address field, you will be re-directed to the home page of your Gateway. The login password is : x (small case) 
6.       Once logged in, please go to the HOME section. 
7.       Update the baud rate to 250kbs and click on the CHANGE BAUD RATE button. 
8.       Allow up to 30secs for the update to complete and you should observe normal operation on the SCP.
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