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XW sell setup checklist w/MPPT 60/80.


Checklist for setting up an XW system for sell. See XW operation manual for full full details.

XW 4024 or XW 4548 or XW 6048 with f/w revisions 1.05 and above. MPPT60 or 80 charge controller. SCP 


1) Enable Grid support in XW setup menu
2) Set Grid support voltage to 64V and enable SELL in XW advanced - grid support menu
3) Verify CHARGE CYCLE is '2stgnofloat' in XW advanced - charger settings - charge cycle (factory default setting)
4) On MPPT set CHARGE CYCLE to '3 stage' in MPPT advanced - charger settings - charge cycle 
5) Is also recomended that the system has 100Ah for every KW of power that the customer wants to sell


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