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Why will my Conext Battery Based inverter not perform an Equalization cycle?

Battery based inverter system does not complete a equalization cycle when required by the battery manufacturer.

Product Line:
Conext XW, Conext XW+, Conext SW

Battery based inverters

When equalization is enabled, the system must first complete a full charge cycle before starting equalization. If this charge cycle is interrupted, the unit will show a status of equalization pending until the next cycle that is able to be completed.

Equalization must be enabled separately from the charger and both must be enabled on the system.

Equalizing with an inverter (Conext XW / XW+ / SW)
When using an inverter to equalize the batteries, the AC input must remain qualified during the entire charge cycle. Depending upon the source of the AC input, there are a couple of options to check:
  • AC Input - Utility Grid
    • measure incoming voltage
    • verify there was not a service interruption
    • verify wiring path and terminal torques
    • check settings for allowable voltage ranges
  • AC Input - Generator
    • when using an AGS, verify that the trigger setting is configured for either "Stop Float" or "Stop V" with a stop voltage setting above the equalize voltage
    • check fuel levels
    • verify wiring path and terminal torques
    • measure voltages to ensure within ranges
    • ensure peroidic maintenance schedule for generator is followed
Equalizing with a solar charge controller
When using a solar charge controller to equalize the battery bank, ensure there is adequate solar power available to complete the entire charge cycle in a single day. There are several circumstances which can lead to inadequate solar power to complete the cycle:
  • shading of the PV panels
  • cloud cover
  • seasonal light intensity variation
  • undersized PV array / oversized battery bank
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