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XW inverter/charger and ARC Flash Rating.

If the question every comes up, regarding the XW inverter/charger and an Arc Flash Rating:
The answer is: No the XW does not have an arc flash rating.  It is not required generally in circuits where the available energy is as small as we have in a 120/240Vac 60A branch circuit.  
Supplied from the Compliance Engineering Manager.

An arc flash hazard analysis shall not be required were all of the following conditions exist:
  • The circuit is rated 240V or less.
  • The circuit is supplied by one transformer.
  • The transformer supplying the circuit is rated less than 125kVA.

If any of the above are not true then an arc flash calculation needs to be done to determine the hazard. This analysis will take into account the actual protection devices in the circuit and its associated wiring to determine the hazard.

For most XW applications you would expect no arc hazard to exist.

If you are using SE425 Hazard/Risk Category Classification tables for determining PPE/Glove/Insulated handtool requirements then the Maximum bolted short circuit current requirements in the table notes must be applicable.
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