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Understanding AC voltage faults


Grid tie inverter offline and display indicates AC Voltage Fault


Single-phase Xantrex GT or Schneider Conext TX  inverter


A) If the 'AC VOLTAGE FAULT' display is permanent, contact installer and have the AC overcurrent fuse tested for continuity.

B) If the fault is intermittent, the unit is functioning as programmed and responding to unsuitable grid conditions as required by national safety standards. The unit will restart once grid conditions improve. If the fault occurs often, contact the electrical power provider. If the utility company acknowledges the line voltage is abnormally high (>126VAC L-N) and can provide permission to adjust the anti-islanding settings, then Schneider Electric Technical Support personnel can set the installer up with special software that will allow those limits to be adjusted. Call 866-519-1470 M-F 6:30A-4:30P PST.


A) AC fuse opened due to current overload.

B) Unit is shutting down in response to unsuitable grid conditions as required by the UL1741 safety standard.
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