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What is Enhanced Interactive Mode on XW systems ?


(XWs manufactured prior to 2010, Firmware upgrade will be required for this systems ? Please call Tech support for support and verification)


XW6048 / XW4548 / XW4024 - Firmware Build 1.05 BN11 or newer
MPPT60-150 - Firmware Build 1.05 BN6 or newer
MPPT80 - Existing Maiden Firmware supports it

GRID SUPPORT VOLTS (GSV) = Defined as the reference marker: Level to which the batteries will be discharged when the inverter is selling power to the grid or supporting the power grid by providing additional power to the loads.
(Note reference marker is not a target voltage!)


Ensure GRID SUPPORT function and SELL both are both ENABLED.

To enter this mode, set GSV at least 4V higher than the BULK voltage of the XW Inv/Chg
As mentioned above, this does not mean the inverter will target the higher voltage, rather, it tells the inverter to follow the output of the controller.
The XW MPPT should be set for 3stage charge cycle and the Inverter should be 2StageNoFloat charge cycle.

The XW Inv/Chg will follow the output of the XW MPPT (must be networked) when selling, and does a better job of keeping the batteries full (exits approx 0.5V below MPPT Float voltage), only selling what is available above the fully charged battery bank.

With the XW Inv/Chg in 2stageNoFloat and GSV at 64V
During a sunny day, once your batteries are fully charged, all excess solar power will be re-directed to your inverter to support your loads and/or sell back to the grid.

Once you go into low light conditions, the system will go into AC Pass Thru and the grid now takes over supporting the loads. It will not sell from your batteries as your battery voltage will always be way below the high GSV value.


SELL criteria - Battery Voltage must be higher that the GSV (Grid Support Volt) value.
If the battery voltage drops about 1V below the GSV value, (example when you have low light conditions) - The system will exit SELL mode and go into AC PASS THRU mode.

If you continue to use old firmware, or when using wind, or a different brand charge controller, it will be necessary to set GSV about 0 .5V lower than Float Voltage
Note, if you go into low light conditions, it will sell from your batteries and this will continue until the battery voltage drop below the GSV value. (see sell criteria above)

Additional Note
Recharge Volts is temperature compensated, and increases when battery temperature drops (if using a Battery Temp Sensor), set Recharge Volts to 48V to prevent nuisance charge cycles from occurring during evening hours.
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