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Doing Firmware upgrade over ComBox using a PC.


Customer or technician wants to perform a firmware upgrade using the ComBox. 

Equipment that can be upgraded:
Conext XW, Conext SW, MPPT 50-150, MPPT 80-600, SCP, AGS


Battery-based systems. 


IMPORTANT: All devices that need the firmware upgraded must be on standby prior upgrading process can start. Combox must have an independent power source if upgrading the Inverter/Charger in the network.  During the upgrade, the Inverter/Charger will stop providing power to Xanbus, causing loss of communications with the Combox.

If using a PC the firmware file must be uploaded on the ComBox by selecting the UnZipped file and storing it inside the Combox. First we will select the settings tap and select upload (See Fig 1.a). Once in there you will select the "click to select" field and select the firmware file (.xf0). After the upload is completed you will select the device (from the device drop down) that you want the firmware upgraded. Usually the firmware file will be selected automatically. After this process is completed you will just click the upgrade button and the upgrade will start.

IMPORTANT: If the firmware for the ComBox itself is 1.02 then the AGS's firmware would not be upgraded. This can be corrected by upgrading Combox firmware :

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