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AGS triggers


Generator is turning on and off on several instances of the day. It does not matter what the battery level is at, or whether there is solar or not. It is randomly turning on and off.


AGS setup


This issue is normally caused by having multiple triggers for the AGS.
1.     It is important that the AGS is setup to the correct GEN type
2.     Make sure that you only have one start trigger, the most commonly used one is Start dcV 30 sec.
3.     Make sure that you only have one stop trigger, usually if the customer has solar the most commonly used one would be Stop Absorb.
4.     Make sure that the recharge voltage is set higher than the start trigger voltage
5.     Make sure that there is enough voltage difference between the LBCO and the recharge voltage.
6.     If the LBCO is set to the same voltage level as the start trigger voltage, make sure that the LBCO delay is so the generator has enough time to start and for the system to acquire the AC signal .
If the issue persist it could also be a bad battery on the bank. 


Random generator starts/stops 
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