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Conext XW / SW Series battery temperature compensation


What are the default battery temperature compensation values in the Conext XW or SW Inverter/Charger and MPPT60/80 charge controllers?


 XW Inverter/Charger or MPPT60/80 charge controllers


Flooded: -4.5 mV/C per (2V) cell
Gel/AGM: -3.5 mV/C per (2V) cell

Multiply the above values by 6 for a 12V (nominal battery), 12 for a 24V battery, 24 for a 48V battery. Values shown in the SCP drop the (-) sign. 


This is a necessary aspect of battery charging, mainly for optimum charging (neither undercharge or overcharge)
The BTS when installed uses this value to adjust the bulk, absorption and float voltages.
You will notice that your DVM (Digital Voltmeter) will typically read volages that are higher on the battery because of temp compensation, this value can be about 1-2 volts higher. 

If the BTS is not installed, the settings selected (cool / warm  / hot) are used for the same calculation

Reference Doc attached - For internal use only
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