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How do I use AGS module 865-1060 with a Honda EU6500 generator?


How do I use AGS module 865-1060 with a Honda EU generator?


Xanbus AGS module 865-1060 with Honda EU series Generator


WARNING! Consult with generator manufacturer prior to proceeding. Schneider Electric is not liable for possible damage to the generator. Modification of generator electrical system may void the warranty on the generator.

This solution is based on the wiring diagram on page 75 of the 05-2011 version of the Honda EU manual. Check with generator supplier for any changes to the wiring diagram which may affect this operation. 

The Honda EU series generator has a Start/Stop type remote start mechanism. The generator is equipped with a 4-conductor connector for attachment to a Honda remote panel.  The conductors in this connector can be used for AGS signalling as shown in the attached diagram. Set generator type to TYPE10 in the AGS.


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