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Will MPPT80 generate ground fault with floating array?

Will MPPT80 generate ground fault with floating array?


Installation may require floating array


HV solar controller


On pg.2-8 of the installation guide, it states the MPPT80 can detect a ground fault when using ungrounded array :


For ungrounded arrays, the unit detects the resistance between the


array and ground, and it indicates a fault if the resistance is too low. The unit is


configured at the factory for an ungrounded PV array connection. For both types


of ground fault protection, if the unit determines that a ground fault has occurred,


it will cease operating and will indicate a fault on the unit's display and over the


Xantrex Xanbus? network (if used).



Ground fault detection circuitry is active when using ungrounded array. Both polarities must be fused externally, a single disconnect (SquareD H361) may be utilized (see attached)
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