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Does Schneider Electric offer longer cover screws for the QO and HOMELINE load centers?

Load center mounting

Product Line:
QO and HOMELINE Load Centers

Flush mounted load centers

Load center recessed too far

No, longer cover screws are not available.
NOTE: This question is usually asked because the installer has recessed the panel too far back into the wall and the standard 3/4" long cover mounting screws will not reach the enclosure. The flush and combination covers are provided with a floating deadfront that allows for up to 3/8" of flexibility, but if the panel is recessed too far into the wall cavity, the 3/8" flexibility may not be adequate. Using longer screws is not the answer, as this would still leave an unsafe gap between the deadfront trim and the installed circuit breakers. Recommend adjusting the load center to be closer to the wall surface so the standard 3/4" long screws can be used.
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