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Does the XW inverter require Solar Charge Controller?

XW6048 used to sell to the grid
Setting the XW-series inverter to sell to grid
In order for the XW inverter to sell to grid, the unit requires DC Coupled source of energy supplying the battery bank. DC Coupling means the DC renewable energy source must be regulated to the battery bank voltage. The XW inverters do not have a PV input. These inverters require Solar Charge Controllers (SCC) (or regulated DC from wind/hydro using diversion controller) to be able to function in grid support or sell mode. The charging source must to be able to perform 3-Stage charging on the batteries, otherwise the inverter will not be able to harvest the power being produced by the source(s).
Solar Charge Controller Suggestions:
MPPT  60-150 ( See attached manual and Link to
MPPT 80-600  ( See attached manual and Link to
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