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Can a legacy MA, MH or electronic trip version (MX or ME) circuit breakers be installed in or relocated to current design (Series 2) QED I-Line distribution sections?

Application, Installation

Product Line:

NEMA PB-2, UL 891, NFPA 70 Art. 408

Updating an older service with a new switchboard (higher ampere rating, other necessary features) often involves feeding existing circuits from the new switchboard.

The current design (Series 2) I-Line distribution sections of QED switchboards lack a key feature required for mounting legacy MA, MH frame circuit breakers or electronic trip versions (MX, ME) of these legacy circuit breakers:  the back pan of the Series 2 design I-Line distribution section is not punched with a cut-out for the mounting cam feature required for mounting these circuit breakers.  For this reason these legacy circuit breakers cannot be installed in or relocated to a current design (Series 2) I-Line distribution section.
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