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Are dual mounted circuit breaker branch feeder units for Model 4 motor control centers available with different trip ratings for the circuit breakers (within the frame size)?

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NEMA ICS 18-2001, EEMAC, UL 845, NFPA70 Art. 430

Dual circuit breaker branch units save mounting space in a motor control center; however, the desired trip rating may not be identical for the two circuit breakers.

The offer of dual branch feeder units in the past had a break at 50A.  Dual feeder units with both circuit breakers rated 50A and below were offered, and above 50A trip (up to 100A maximum) could be grouped together in a dual feeder unit.  This was due to the connection to the vertical bus of the MCC section.  

Presently mixed ampere ratings for dual circuit breaker feeder units are available, and a 50A break point no longer applies.  A 15A/100A unit, for example, could be ordered.  The maximum available ampere rating is still 100A.  Also, the Powerpact H breakers, not the legacy FH circuit breakers are furnished.  The special mixed ampere rating dual branch feeder units must be quoted by and ordered from the local Schneider Electric USA field office.
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