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Where can help be found regarding "product selector" issues in the EQM tool in the Eway package or in Quote to Cash ?

Support for Quote software on Factory Assembled Equipment

Product Line:
Engineered to Order ( ETO) lines

Custom built equipment

Help with selecting

Occasionally selection issues arise when trying to generate a quote on ETO equipment using our Schneider Electric software tools ( ie. perhaps a special transformer is needed in a combination starter or extra lugs are needed in a switchboard or an unusual layout is required in a split-bus panel with contactor.)  
For assistance, turn to the local SE Quote Manager (QM) by contacting your local Schneider Electric Sales Field office. The office serving your area can be found by clicking this link, and searching by your zip code. or for selector/configurator issues (ie. Customer BOM, Detailed pricing, drawings, etc. ) contact . Selector questions should not be directed to Tech Support . Other Q2C issues should get routed to the Help Desk.
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