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Can the SCP be installed on the same location where the XW inverters have the display?

SCP Installation Guide 

The SCP can be installed either in the wall or it can be installed as a replacement for the XW inverter display. This can be done by the following steps.

1.) You will have to power down the inverter completely. We have to turn the AC power coming into the unit first, then the DC power coming into the unit. The AC power usually would be a dual pole 60A breaker that is located on the PDP's (Power Distribution Panel) top left corner. The DC disconnect will be the large 250A breaker on the bottom right corner. 

2.) Once the inverter has being turned off for no less than 5 minutes, the next step would be to uncover the inverter. This should only be performed by a qualified person. The following screws would have to be removed.

3.) Once the is done, remove the Display connection to the Main Board and also remove the cat5 cable that connects the Display to the Main Board. This Cat5 cable will be used to connect the SCP to the main board. 

4.) On the Main Board locate the SCP Port. 

5.) This is what the system should look like when all is done. 

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