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Testing XW AGS auto-start function

 Testing XW AGS auto-start function

By setting the 30 second start voltage higher than the actual battery voltage, the auto-start function can be tested
as long as no grid voltage is passing thru AC1, otherwise the AGS will not be called upon to start.
Temporarily disable charge controllers to allow the battery voltage to rest. Make sure no sensitive electronics 
are needed during this time because they may see the grid interruption and reset.
Make sure to set the 30 sec start voltage back down to a reasonable level after 
test is completed. LBCO must be set lower than 30 sec start voltage. 
Recommended settings :
30 second start V : 46.5 (23.5 for 24V model)
Stop Absorb
LBCO : 44V (22V for 24V model)

All other start/stop parameters should be disabled.

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