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What is the white wire marked ENVT for on a Powerpact H, J or L circuit breaker with Energy trip units?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies only to Powerpact H, J and L circuit breakers with Energy Trip Units
-Breaker catalog numbers will have the suffix U53X or U54X
-Energy trip units are Micrologic 5.2E, 5.3E, 6.2E or 6.3E

The above breakers include a factory-attached white wire, which is labeled "ENVT".

The ENVT wire is for tapping the neutral to bring neutral voltage to the trip unit for applications requiring voltage, power, or energy functions. If these functions are not required, or if a neutral is not present, the wire can be capped off and not used.

(NOTE: The ENVT white wire is NOT used to connect a Neutral CT. That is done with a different wire called an ENCT Wire Harness. See FA228253 for details.)
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