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Will the EDPA fit onto EDB-EPD circuit breakers? (Equipment Protection Devices)

Will the EDPA fixed padlock attachment physically fit onto the EDB-EPD Ground Fault Circuit Breakers?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to EDB, EGB and EJB circuit breakers with suffix EPD

Application of fixed padlock attachment EDPA

The EDPA cannot be installed onto an EDB-EPD ground fault circuit breaker.

The EDPA must be attached to the breaker using slots in each end of the breaker escutcheon.
Standard EDB circuit breakers without EPD suffix (series 2 and higher), have these slots (see picture A below).
EDB-EPD Ground Fault Circuit Breakers do not have these slots (see picture B below), so the EDPA cannot be attached.

Picture A
Standard EDB Circuit Breakers without EPD suffix, series 2 and higher (slots)
EDPA can be used.

Picture B
EDB-EPD Ground Fault Circuit Breakers (no slots)
EDPA cannot be used.


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