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What can I do if my pass-through rating for multiple XWs is greater than 60A?

Multiple XWs and Pass-through Rating Solution 

The XW inverter is a unit that can be stacked in parallel to produce more power. This setup is usually used on off-grid situation where there is no pass-through from a grid source. However, this setup is also being used on homes that have grid-power and they want to be used for backup or as a grid-tie. The issue being presented using the system like this is that there is a limitation of the critical sub-panel size. Most home users want to use a critical sub panel that can handle the entire home which will always exceed a single units pass-through rating of 60Amps. At the moment there is no way of safely splitting the load evenly through out multiple XWs without harming the internal relays of the unit so the only solution is to split the Home into Smaller critical sub-panels this way each XW work independently of each other and there is no pass-through issues. 

Example a typical home uses a 100A feed from the grid. A customer installed three XWs in parallel, assuming they installed three XW6048s, that means that they have 18KW of power available on an off grid setup. However they are on grid and limited to a single units Pass-Through rating which is 60A. This rating yields only 14.4KW of power which is much less than what the units are capable of handling. Solution: if the three XW inverter are split at the output, so that each unit handles one critical sub-panel, you will have first of all a total pass-through rating of 180A since each unit is separate, and a total backup power of 18KW. One important setting that we need to keep in mind is that the search mode has to be disable on all three units to work properly.  

NOTE: It is possible to utilize a "whole house transfer switch" for greater power handling capability when grid is connected (see attached).
The inverter system must be sized to power the entire load.

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