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HARDWARE error while using the FFTK Full Function Test Kit S33595

Circuit breaker trips faster than minimum trip band for instantaneous protection when performing automatic
trip curve test on short-time or instantaneous segments of time-current curve and/or HARDWARE
appears in status cell on Automatic Trip Curve Test screen.

Product Line:
FFTK S33595 secondary injection test kit.

Secondary Injection

Secondary injected fault into trip unit has exceeded one or more of the following circuit breaker protection levels:
• Instantaneous override
• Close and latch
• Selectivity

The short answer is:  Make sure breaker is closed, turn down the instantaneous and/or short time setting and retest. 
The test kit is most likely injecting a current higher than the instantaneous override value, which makes it trip on Inst. override rather than instantaneous.

The long answer is:
Make sure circuit breaker is always in closed position
before beginning secondary injection of each fault. This
will eliminate tripping due to close and latch protection.
Does long-time segment of time-current curve pass
when performing automatic trip curve test?
For communicating Micrologic trip units, if AP trip
indicator LED on trip unit comes on when testing
short-time or instantaneous segments of timecurrent
curve, then circuit breaker has tripped on
instantaneous override, close and latch or
selectivity protection functions.
For non-communicating Micrologic trip units, no
trip indicator LED is available. Check that peak
value for signal being injected does not exceed
instantaneous override or selectivity protection
levels. See published time-current curves.
Contact the customer care center to have the FFTK returned for repair.

For a complete list of error codes please see document 48049-183-06
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