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Can I replace an ATV61 with an ATV71?

Replacing an ATV61 with an ATV71

Product Line:

All drives below 125HP.

The ATV61 is now obsolete, and customer wants to replace an ATV61 with an ATV71

Up to 125 horse power it is possible for an ATV71 to replace an ATV61. The drives are physically the same size.  The ATV71 must have the same horse power and voltage rating as the ATV61.  Above 125 horsepower the physical sizes can be different, and if the difference in size is not an issue, then it is possible for an ATV71 to replace an ATV61. Refer to the attached ATV61 & 71 FRAME SIZES document for specific details. 

Note: Saved configuration files on the ATV61 keypad cannot be transferred to the ATV71.                                    
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