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Can I view multiple Xanbus networks on single Combox web page?

Please see page 3-50 of rev E of the combox guide. Fw 2.00 offers some really nice things such as:

Conext ComBox Master-Slave Configuration
The ComBox can be set up in a master-slave configuration to monitor multiple separate
Xanbus networks and supported Modbus devices, such as power meters. This
configuration can be used for large multi-cluster systems as well as smaller systems
when devices need to exist on separate ComBoxes.
Using a Master-Slave Configuration, multiple Xanbus networks on separate ComBoxes
can be combined and monitored through the Master ComBox. When multiple
ComBoxes have been added to the system, the settings of the slaves can be controlled
and modified by the Master ComBox. Data is reported by the Slave ComBox to the
Master ComBox. The Master ComBox is for data aggregation only and has no Xanbus
or Modbus devices attached directly. RS-485 devices and principal devices such as
XW+, AGS, SCP, etc. are placed on one of the slave ComBoxes.
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