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What will cause the ATV212 drive not to start when the run contact between P24-F is closed?

The ATV212 drive does not to start when the run contact between P24-F is closed.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV21 and ATV212


When closing the run contact to logic input F, the VFD displays 0.0Hz.

- Verify that CMOd is set to 0 for terminal control.
- If any network functions are enabled for monitoring purposes, set F108 = 48.
- Check your logic input programming.  Typically F111 = 2 for run forward function.  Other possibilities may combine run forward with other functions.
- Verify that the VFD is in Remote Mode.  The keypad LOC/REM button green LED should be OFF. 
- Verify the VFD 24Vdc power supply by measuring P24 - CC.
- Check that the run circuit is complete by measuring for 24Vdc on F - CC.
- Verify that the VFD has a speed reference.  It may be running at 0Hz, indicated by a red RUN LED in the display.

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