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What is the replacement for the ILINE version of the LI and LXI molded case circuit breakers like LI36300 or LXI36600?

Product Line:
I-Line Molded Case Breakers
The interupting ratings for LXI and LI circuit breakers follow: 
Circuit Breaker Poles Amp Rating 240 Vac 277 Vac 480 Vac 600 Vac
LXI 2, 3 100–600 200 200 200 100
LI 2, 3 300–600 200 200 200 100
The replacement for the LI and LXI circuit breakers are the Powerpact LR.  For example:
Replace thermal-magneitc LI36600 with the electronic trip breaker LRA36600U31X and LIL36600 with LRL36600U31X.
Replace LXI elecronic-trip breaker LXI36600 with LRA36600U43X and LXIL36600G with LRL36600U44X.
Include a neutral CT if using a ground-fault breaker on a 4w system.

Note that the dimensions are different.  I-Line LR breakers take 6 inches of mounting height vs. 7.5 inches for the LI and LXI.
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