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What NEMA/IP rating should be selected?

What is NEMA/IP  rating?

Product Line:
All product with NEMA or IP rating

Applies what condition environment the device can be installed.

What NEMA/IP rating should a product be installed?

IP (International Protection Rating)- The IP Rating is a simple encoding that covers a range of international standards for enclosures and electrical switchgear up to 1000V A.C. and 1200V D.C.

NEMA - NEMA is actually the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which was formed in 1926 when the Associated Manufacturers of Electrical Supplies joined forces with the Electric Power Club to create an organization that would set standards for the manufacture of safe and effective electrical products.


See this link for information on NEMA website on NEMA/IP standards and conversion from NEMA to IP:

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