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How does the EV230WS show when charging is completed?

How does the EV230WS indicate that charging is completed?

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Residential Home Electric Vehicle Charger

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When the vehicle has stopped requesting charge, the green progress indicator illuminated corresponds to the last hour of charging completed.

To clarify how the display indicators work, review this example scenario.  While the vehicle is charging, progress indicator lights arranged in a circle on the charger will blink in a clockwise fashion.   If the vehicle is in the 3rd hour of charge, lights 1-2-3 will blink successively.  If charging completes at any time between 4 and 5 hours, then only light 4 will be lit up solid with lights 1, 2, and 3 off.  When the charge handle is disconnected from the vehicle, then the progress indicator lights will all shut off.  

Review the EV230WS User manual here.
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