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Will the LAL36400MB or any of the LAL/LHL breakers with the shorter operating handles (MB suffix) work with the LA400R, LA400S or LA400F enclosures?

Customer needs to use an LAL breaker with a shorter handle in an enclosure.

Product Line:
LAL, LHL Breakers with –MB suffix

LAL and LHL breakers with shorter handles

Customer has an LAL- or LHL- breaker with an –MB suffix and wants to put it in an enclosure.
Yes, the LAL36400MB or other LAL/LHL breakers with the –MB suffix will work with the LA400R, LA400S and LA400F enclosures.  The breakers with the –MB suffix will not work in the LA400AWK and LA400DS enclosures, however, as the handles are too short to work with the internal operating cross arm on the NEMA Type 12 or NEMA Type 4,4X,5 stainless steel enclosure.
NOTE: The HPALM handle padlock attachment that is provided with the LA400F, LA400S and LA400R is also compatible with the LAL-MB breakers with the shorter handle. 
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